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What's Happening

Winnipeg Booth Centre Annual Community Christmas Dinner

What an amazing week we have enjoyed with our Salvation Army Winnipeg Booth Centre Annual Community Christmas Dinner!! In spite of a minor hiccup with coat theft, a Code Blue medical emergency with a visitor, another brief Code with 7 missing Children from their mother during our unexpected Fire Alarm in the 4th meal setting..... we still broke all our previous records in our recent history and our amazing people served over 1100 meals Wednesday night. And to cap it all off… last night we just had a Wonderful visit from the celebrated actor and gifted singer Tom Jackson, his lovely wife Alison and The Great West Life Holiday Choir at The Salvation Army Winnipeg Booth Centre. It was a night that was filled with amazing sights and sounds as Tom and the Choir sang....... but what was felt as the tears gave way to smiles through the event was even more significant. Tom Jackson is truly a man of deep conviction and connection as he profoundly and genuinely connected with our people. The warmth of his presence was only outdone by the tremendously warm embrace he gave to those who opened their arms to him. This was not a quick handshake or hug and rapid rush to the next fan – No!-- Not by a long Shot!! This was a slow walk through a very busy crowd- an unhurried genuine bond shared intimately between souls that truly know the realities of a common journey. How truly blessed we were to bear witness to something so beautiful as the Genuine Spirit Of Christmas and the “Real Reason For The Season” being shared so warmly and freely by Tom and Alison along with the Great West Life Holiday Choir. Our prayer is that each of them would be blessed in the very same abundant way with which they have so richly and genuinely blessed the wonderful people we serve here in Winnipeg each and every day